Author: Lyn W. Freeman PhD
Publisher: Mosby
Keywords: medicine, mosby, alternative, complementary, approach, based, research, amp
Number of Pages: 640
Published: 2008-06-09
List price: $74.95
ISBN-10: 0323053467
ISBN-13: 9780323053464

Providing a comprehensive overview, this text includes practical, clinically relevant coverage of complementary and alternative medicine, with commentary by well-known experts, descriptions of recent medical advances, case studies, and the history and philosophy of each discipline, along with indications, contraindications, practical application, and clinical trials for each topic. Research is critically reviewed, with examples of exceptional and flawed studies. You’ll gain an understanding of the most commonly used alternative therapies, as well as those most likely to be integrated wit

Author: Jacqueline Young
Publisher: For Dummies
Keywords: dummies, medicine, complementary
Number of Pages: 448
Published: 2007-09-10
List price: $21.99
ISBN-10: 0470026251
ISBN-13: 9780470026250

A comprehensive guide to what’s what and what works in complementary medicine, this expert guide cuts through the jargon and gives you the facts about the alternatives. Whether you are interested in maintaining your general well-being or relieving the symptoms of a specific complaint, this book outlines all of the therapies available to you – from acupuncture through healing foods to yoga and massage - and tells you what each treatment is most effective for, how to go about finding a practitioner and what to expect from a consultation. Topics covered in Complementary Medicine Fo

Publisher: Transportation Research Board National Resear
Keywords: demand, estimation, paratransit, complementary, ada, improving
Number of Pages: 104
Published: 2007-01
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 0309099072
ISBN-13: 9780309099073

Keywords: treatment, cancer, methods, adjunctive, oncology, complementary
Number of Pages: 303
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 3131374519
ISBN-13: 9783131374516

Author: Barry Oke
Publisher: Informa Healthcare
Keywords: based, approach, evidence, neurology, therapies, complementary
Number of Pages: 458
Published: 2003-12-02
List price: $159.95
ISBN-10: 1842142003
ISBN-13: 9781842142004

Drawing upon the knowledge of expert contributors, this book provides an introduction to what CAM therapies are and how a neurologist may use them. Divided into two sections, it reviews the different kinds of therapies encompassed by the terms ’alternative’ and ’complementary’ and gives readers an overview of commonly used therapies that have some scientific basis for their use. The second section is an evidence-based review of the clinical applications of these therapies organized by neurological disease. Written by physicians for physicians, this book is the first cho

Author: B. Michael Aucoin
Publisher: Management Concepts
Keywords: complementary, approach, management, project, brain, right
Number of Pages: 312
Published: 2007-05-18
List price: $40.00
ISBN-10: 1567262066
ISBN-13: 9781567262063

Right-Brain Project Management: A Complementary Approach looks at contemporary project management from a fresh perspective, exploring right-brain approaches that are intuitive and capitalize on natural human thinking and activity. Coupled with the logical and formal, or left-brain, methodology associated with conventional project management, facilitation of right-brain functions offers a good range of techniques for project success. Presenting extensive research and the experiences of project managers who use right-brain approaches successfully, this book sheds a unique and hopeful light on

Author: Judith L. Green; et al
Publisher: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
Keywords: research, education, methods, complementary, handbook
Number of Pages: 896
Published: 2006-04-05
List price: $104.95
ISBN-10: 0805859330
ISBN-13: 9780805859331

The Handbook of Complementary Methods in Education Research is a successor volume to AERA’s earlier and highly acclaimed editions of Complementary Methods for Research in Education. More than any book to date (including its predecessors), this new volume brings together the wide range of research methods used to study education and makes the logic of inquiry for each method clear and accessible. Each method is described in detail, including its history, its research design, the questions that it addresses, ways of using the method, and ways of analyzing and reporting outcomes. Key features o
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