Author: Marcus Glader
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
Keywords: competition, law, horizons, economics, new, antitrust, analysis, innovation, markets
Number of Pages: 340
Published: 2006-09-30
List price: $140.00
ISBN-10: 184542607X
ISBN-13: 9781845426071

?The pace and scope of technological change is increasing, but some innovative technologies take years before they give rise to saleable products. Before they do, there is competition in ideas and research, but the ideas cannot be market tested, because there are no products or services to offer to consumers. Competition law, in Europe and the USA, cannot be applied to competition in research for innovation as if it was competition between products. Completely different problems arise and a completely different approach is needed. This book, the first on innovation markets, shows how this new

Author: Hanns Ullrich
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
Keywords: competition, law, series, ascola, regulation, evolution, european
Number of Pages: 370
Published: 2006-09-06
List price: $150.00
ISBN-10: 1845427017
ISBN-13: 9781845427016

Author: Eugene Buttigieg
Publisher: Kluwer Law International
Keywords: law, competition, antitrust, series, analysis, international, interest, safeguarding, consumer, comparative
Number of Pages: 440
Published: 2009-05-15
List price: $145.00
ISBN-10: 9041131191
ISBN-13: 9789041131195

Although it is commonly assumed that consumers benefit from the application of competition law, this is not necessarily always the case. Economic efficiency is paramount; thus, competition law in Europe and antitrust law in the United States are designed primarily to protect business competitors (and in Europe to promote market integration), and it is only incidentally that such law may also serve to protect consumers. That is the essential starting point of this penetrating critique. The author explores the extent to which US antitrust law and EC competition law adequately safeguard consumer

Author: Frauke Henning-Bodewig
Publisher: Aspen Publishers
Keywords: competition, law, international, series, states, union, european, unfair, member
Number of Pages: 272
Published: 2006-01-18
List price: $169.00
ISBN-10: 9041123296
ISBN-13: 9789041123299

Despite their differences, all 25 member States of the European Union agree that commercial activities should be controlled in the interests of market participants and that there must be rules to secure fairness. At the community level, there is a growing body of regulatory law dealing with unfair commercial practices. Within this framework, however, unfair competition law remains a matter for national law which depends on legal traditions, and cultural, linguistic and Historical particularities. It is only the two combined, the European requirements including the judicial; practice of the ECJ

Author: Nikos Nikolinakos
Publisher: Kluwer Law International
Keywords: competition, law, international, series, media, converging, regulation, telecommunications
Number of Pages: 720
Published: 2006-08-25
List price: $258.00
ISBN-10: 9041124691
ISBN-13: 9789041124692

This book presents the most thoroughgoing model yet offered to ensure the emergence of a genuinely competitive electronic communications industry in Europe. In the course of its in-depth analysis the discussion focuses on such factors as the following: EU telecommunications policy as revealed in liberalization and harmonization legislative measures; the EU electronic communications framework; case law covering issues of refusal to supply and the essential facilities doctrine; application of Article 82 EC to bottlenecks; specific types of an undertak

Authors:Clifford Jones, Mitsuo Matsushita,
Publisher: Kluwer Law International
Keywords: competition, international, law, series, volume, usa, perspectives, policy, global, trading, system, japan
Number of Pages: 420
Published: 2002-04-01
List price: $186.00
ISBN-10: 904111758X
ISBN-13: 9789041117588

While the global trade regime has made significant strides in eliminating tariffs and other barriers to free trade, it has yet to develop a consistent and enforceable antitrust and competition policy that combats monopolies, cartels, and other private arrangements that continue to hamper equitable access to the world’s goods and services. This book takes a giant step toward achieving this goal. Based on a conference of national authorities and leading scholars in antitrust and competition law and policy, Competition Policy in the Global Trading System: Perspectives from the EU, Japan and

Author: Alla Pozdnakova
Publisher: Kluwer Law International
Keywords: law, competition, series, international, shipping, liner, amp
Number of Pages: 492
Published: 2008-06-06
List price: $165.00
ISBN-10: 9041127178
ISBN-13: 9789041127174

As of October 2008, liner shipping companies lose their privileged status under EU competition law due to withdrawal of the liner conference block exemption, which generously authorized horizontal price-fixing and similar agreements between liner shipping companies. Where the liner consortia block exemption does not apply, all cooperative activity should be carefully and individually assessed under the competition provisions of the EC Treaty. Alla Pozdnakova has taken this opportunity to research and write an in-depth study of competition law problems in the liner shipping context. Her analys
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