Authors:Mier, Martha,
Publisher: Alfred Publishing
Keywords: classical, jazz, amp, blues, rags, pianists, intermediate, arranged, melodies, styles
Number of Pages: 24
Published: 2008-10-01
List price: $6.95
ISBN-10: 073905709X
ISBN-13: 9780739057094

Classical melodies from piano literature, opera and orchestral literature are revisited in this unique series. The arrangements feature jazz styles including ragtime and blues. Students who are familiar with some of these gems will enjoy their new settings, while those playing them for the first time will become familiar with these wonderful melodies. Titles include: Bagatelle Swing * Ecossaise Rag * German Dance Rag * Jazz in A Minor * Lullaby in Blue * Ragtime Sonatina * Sheherazade Jazz. 24 pages.

Author: Albrecht Dihle
Publisher: Univ of California Pr
Keywords: classical, lectures, sather, antiquity, theory
Number of Pages: 288
Published: 1982-11
List price: $45.00
ISBN-10: 0520040597
ISBN-13: 9780520040595

Author: James I. Porter
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Keywords: classical, rome, greece, traditions, pasts
Number of Pages: 466
Published: 2005-11-21
List price: $39.50
ISBN-10: 0691089426
ISBN-13: 9780691089423

The term "classical" is used to describe everything from the poems of Homer to entire periods of Greek and Roman antiquity. But just how did the concept evolve? This collection of essays by leading classics scholars from the United States and Europe challenges the limits of the current understanding of the term. The book seeks not to arrive at a final definition, but rather to provide a cultural history of the concept by exploring how the meanings of "classical" have been created, recreated, and rejected over time. The book asks questions that have been nearly absent from the scholarly literat

Author: N. Fisher
Publisher: Duckworth Publishers
Keywords: classical, series, world, greece, slavery
Number of Pages: 144
Published: 2001-08-27
List price: $18.00
ISBN-10: 1853991341
ISBN-13: 9781853991349

List of Illustrations iv Preface v Map of Classical Greece vii 1. Definitions and Problems: Chattel Slaves, 1 Serfs, and the Concept of a Slave-Society 2. The Development of Chattel Slavery: From 10 Homer to Solon 3. Community Slaves or Serfs: the Spartan 22 Helots and Others 4. Slaves in Classical Athens: Numbers, 34 and Economic Functions 5. Slaves in Classical Athens: Treatment and 58 and Hopes of Freedom 6. Resistance, Flight and Revolt 79 7. Justifications: Barbarians and Natural Slaves 86 8. Associated Ideologies: Work, Leisure and Sex 99 Suggestions for Further S

Authors:Walter Greiner,  D.A. Bromley,
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: classical, physics, electrodynamics, theoretical
Number of Pages: 555
Published: 1998-10-23
List price: $74.95
ISBN-10: 038794799X
ISBN-13: 9780387947990

The series of texts on Classical Theoretical Physics is based on the highly successful series of courses given by Walter Greiner at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Intended for advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students, the volumes in the series provide not only a complete survey of classical theoretical physics but also an enormous number of worked examples and probles to show students clearly how to apply the abstract principles to realistic problems. This volume covers: Electrostatics > fundamental concepts, fields, potentials, delta functi

Author: Robin Osborne
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Keywords: classical, studies, cambridge, attika, demos, discovery
Number of Pages: 300
Published: 1985-03-29
List price: $130.00
ISBN-10: 0521267765
ISBN-13: 9780521267762

Demos is a study of a classical city-state. It is the first attempt to provide an integrated account which gives due attention to the countryside as well as the urban areas of a polis. Concentrating on classical Athens, for which the literary and archaeological evidence is richest, Dr Osborne establishes the nature of settlement in the countryside and explores how this relates to the farming of the land, the exploitation of mineral resources, and the nature of political participation in both local and central politics. Further studies reveal the way in which the countryside was structured by r

Author: Arnaldo Momigliano
Publisher: University of California Press
Keywords: classical, lectures, sather, modern, foundations, historiography
Number of Pages: 180
Published: 1992-11-30
List price: $21.95
ISBN-10: 0520078705
ISBN-13: 9780520078703
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