Author: Philip Hughes
Publisher: Sheed & Ward (UK)
Keywords: church, augustine, aquinas, created, world, volume, history
Number of Pages: 478
Published: 1948-01-01
List price: $70.00
ISBN-10: 0722079826
ISBN-13: 9780722079829

This second volume concentrates on the West from the time of Constantine’s conversion, when the the Church was beginning to make a world of its own, and it pursues the Church’s history in this world of its making to the end of the thirteenth century, when the high point was reached and a new secular order was already appearing.

Author: Joseph Bachota Jr.
Publisher: iUniverse
Keywords: church, doing, aren, come, holiness, seems
Number of Pages: 108
Published: 2009-06-29
List price: $12.95
ISBN-10: 0595529461
ISBN-13: 9780595529469

Christians are often labeled hypocrites. So what, then, prevents Christians from living in holiness and crafting an authentic Christian life? Joseph Bachota has the intriguing answer.Intricately researched and down-to-earth, Holiness: Can the Church Do This or Not? shares how Christians can begin to examine their lives and find their true path to holiness through faith in Jesus Christ. Bachota calls for the church’s return to spiritual maturity and urges Christians to hold themselves to a higher standard as God called us to do. Using Bible verses and personal experiences to support his v

Author: Allan J. Janssen
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company
Keywords: church, reformed, america, series, historical, order, notes, book, constitutional, theology
Number of Pages: 333
Published: 2001-01
List price: $25.00
ISBN-10: 0802848826
ISBN-13: 9780802848826

Authors:Elizabeth Ann Clark, Thomas Halton,
Publisher: Liturgical Press
Keywords: church, fathers, message, series, women
Number of Pages: 260
Published: 1984-10
List price: $24.95
ISBN-10: 0814653324
ISBN-13: 9780814653326

Author: Church of England Church Congress
Publisher: BiblioLife
Keywords: congress, church, report, authorized
Number of Pages: 456
Published: 2008-12-09
List price: $35.75
ISBN-10: 0559862644
ISBN-13: 9780559862649

Author: John L. Allen Jr.
Publisher: Doubleday Religio
Keywords: church, catholic, revolutionizing, trends, future
Number of Pages: 480
Published: 2009-11-10
List price: $28.00
ISBN-10: 0385520387
ISBN-13: 9780385520386

One of the world’s foremost religion journalists offers an unexpected and provocative look at where the Catholic Church is headed—and what the changes will mean for all of us.What will the Catholic Church be like in 100 years? Will there be a woman pope? Will dioceses throughout the United States and the rest of the world go bankrupt from years of scandal? In THE FUTURE CHURCH, John L. Allen puts forth the ten trends he believes will transform the Church into the twenty-second century. From the influence of Catholics in Africa, Asia, and Latin America on doctrine and practices to the impac

Author: Linda J. Williams
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Keywords: church, behavior, appropriate, handbook, etiquette, manners
Number of Pages: 80
Published: 2009-03-02
List price: $12.99
ISBN-10: 1438933401
ISBN-13: 9781438933405

This a handbook to help leaders and members in churches and other places of worship understand and implement the appropriate rules of behavior during services and other activities. Information on etiquette during meetings, social activities and worship services is discussed as well as appropriate behavior for children during worship services. Important information on proper dress, treatment of guests and other topics is also shared. Scripture references are included to emphasize the importance of following etiquette rules in places of worship.
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