Authors:R. Kallenborn, H. Hühnerfuss,
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: pollutants, environmental, chiral
Number of Pages: 280
Published: 2001-02-15
List price: $209.00
ISBN-10: 3540664238
ISBN-13: 9783540664239

Presents the state of the art and future development on environmental enantioselective trace analysis. A survey for environmental trace analysts, analytical chemists, ecotoxicologists, and other scientists. Also covers the physics in details, explaining the different properties of anatiomers in environmental samples. DLC: Environmental toxicology.

Author: C.K. Chu
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Keywords: chemotherapy, synthesis, chiral, nucleosides, antiviral
Number of Pages: 268
Published: 2003-10-29
List price: $213.00
ISBN-10: 0444513191
ISBN-13: 9780444513199

• Up-to-date review on the chemistry and biology of nucleosides• Modern synthetic methodology• Comprehensive coverage of antiviral nucleosidesThis book summarizes the recent advances in nucleosides chemistry and chemotherapy over the past 10-15 years. It covers recently discovered nucleoside antiviral agents, their therapeutic aspects and biochemistry, and also extensive reviews on their chiral synthesis.

Authors:Thomas E. Beesley, Raymond P. W. Scott,
Publisher: Wiley
Keywords: chromatography, chiral
Number of Pages: 506
Published: 1999-01-05
List price: $420.00
ISBN-10: 0471974277
ISBN-13: 9780471974277

Chiral Chromatography Thomas E. Beesley Advanced Separation Technologies Inc., Whippany, New Jersey, USA Raymond P. W. Scott Chemistry Department, Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA and Chemistry Department, Birkbeck College, University of London, UK Analytical techniques based on separation processes, such as chromatography and electrophoresis, are finding a growing range of applications in chemical, pharmaceutical and clinical laboratories. The Wiley Separation Science Series provides the analyst in these laboratories with well-focused books covering individual techniques, so that the

Author: Bezhan Chankvetadze
Publisher: Wiley
Keywords: analysis, chiral, electrophoresis, capillary
Number of Pages: 572
Published: 1997-12-18
List price: $410.00
ISBN-10: 0471974153
ISBN-13: 9780471974154

Capillary Electrophoresis in Chiral Analysis Bezhan Chankvetadze Tbilisi State University, Republic of Georgia The application of capillary electrophoresis (CE) to the field of chiral analysis has exploded recently. The advantages of capillary electrophoresis - extremely high peak efficiency, excellent compatibility with biological samples, short analysis time, simplicity, versatility and low cost - are perfect for the accurate measurement of optical purity, increasingly important in the regulation-ruled pharmaceutical industry. Although there have been a number of books on capillary electroph

Author: Thomas J. Wenzel
Publisher: Wiley-Interscience
Keywords: nmr, spectroscopy, using, compounds, chiral, discrimination
Number of Pages: 576
Published: 2007-04-13
List price: $135.00
ISBN-10: 0471763527
ISBN-13: 9780471763529

A comprehensive overview of the use of NMR spectroscopy for chiral discrimination Discrimination of Chiral Compounds Using NMR Spectroscopy concisely covers the broad array of reagents that make it possible to determine the optical purity and assign the absolute configuration of many classes of compounds. It describes chiral NMR derivatizing agents, solvating agents, metal-based reagents, and liquid crystals and discusses the range and types of compounds for which they can be used for analysis. After an overview of chiral reagents and methodologies, this reference: * Includes

Author: David Ager
Publisher: CRC Press
Keywords: second, chemicals, chiral, handbook
Number of Pages: 664
Published: 2005-10-21
List price: $219.95
ISBN-10: 1574446649
ISBN-13: 9781574446647

As pharmaceutical companies look to develop single enantiomers as drug candidates, chemists are increasingly faced with the problems associated with this subclass of organic synthesis. "The Handbook of Chiral Chemicals, Second Edition" highlights the problems associated with the production of chiral compounds on a commercial scale. The handbook first elaborates upon starting materials obtained from a ’chiral pool’, which can be derived from natural products. Then it explains methods and reactions that can introduce or influence stereogenic centers, particularly asymmetric hydrogena

Authors:Li-Xin Dai, Xue-Long Hou,
Publisher: Wiley-VCH
Keywords: synthesis, applications, catalysis, asymmetric, ferrocenes, chiral
Number of Pages: 431
Published: 2010-02-22
List price: $215.00
ISBN-10: 3527322809
ISBN-13: 9783527322800

This book meets the long-felt need for a reference on ferrocenes with the focus on catalysis. It provides a thorough overview of the synthesis and characterization of different types of chiral ferrocene ligands, their application to various catalytic asymmetric reactions, and versatile chiral materials as well as drug intermediates synthesized from them. Written by the "who’s who" of ferrocene catalysis, this is a guide to the design of new ferrocene ligands and synthesis of chiral synthetic intermediates, and will thus be useful for organic, catalytic and synthetic chemists working in a
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