Author: German Spangenberg
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: breeding, molecular, crops, forage, victoria, developments, hamilton, plant, international, proceedings, symposium, lorne
Number of Pages: 356
Published: 2001-03-31
List price: $229.00
ISBN-10: 0792368819
ISBN-13: 9780792368816

Forage plant breeding has entered the genome era. This timely book reviews the latest advances in the development and application of molecular technologies which supplement conventional breeding efforts for our major forage crops. It describes the plethora of new technologies and tools now available for high-throughput gene discovery, genome-wide gene expression analysis, production of transgenic plants, genome analysis and marker-assisted selection as applied to forage plants. Detailed accounts are presented of current and future opportunities for innovative applications of these mol

Author: Edward Donoghue
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Keywords: breeding, diaspora, slaves, machines, black, negro
Number of Pages: 448
Published: 2008-09-18
List price: $22.90
ISBN-10: 1434398021
ISBN-13: 9781434398024

Authors:M. A. Pagnotta, Scarascia G.T. Mugnozza, G.T. Scaras
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: breeding, developments, plant, resistance, quality, crop, genetics
Number of Pages: 436
Published: 1999-07-31
List price: $289.00
ISBN-10: 0792358449
ISBN-13: 9780792358442

The book highlights the state of research in plant genetics and breeding and the results and applications of biotechnology procedures: i.e. achievements and perspectives of molecular biology and genetic engineering in the improvement of quantitative, qualitative and nutritional characters of crops, including their resistance to pests and diseases and their adaptation to different ecosystems. The book is divided into seven chapters. The first six are focused on the research aimed at improvement of resistance to Fungi, Bacteria, Nematode, Virus and Insect, and improvement of Quality. Th

Authors:Arnel R. Hallauer, Marcelo J. Carena, J.B. Miranda F
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: breeding, handbook, plant, maize, genetics, quantitative
Number of Pages: 500
Published: 2010-09-03
List price: $209.00
ISBN-10: 1441907653
ISBN-13: 9781441907653

Maize is used in an endless list of products that are directly or indirectly related to human nutrition and food security. Maize is grown in producer farms, farmers depend on genetically improved cultivars, and maize breeders develop improved maize cultivars for farmers. Nikolai I. Vavilov defined plant breeding as plant evolution directed by man. Among crops, maize is one of the most successful examples for breeder-directed evolution. Maize is a cross-pollinated species with unique and separate male and female organs allowing techniques from both self and cross-pollinated crops to be util

Author: Claude St. John
Publisher: Pomona Press
Keywords: canary, breeding, specially, hobby, designed, beginner, guide, beginners, practical, cult
Number of Pages: 128
Published: 2008-11-04
List price: $38.45
ISBN-10: 1443733571
ISBN-13: 9781443733571

Contents Include: The Cages Considered Perches and other Fitments The Bird Room The Bath First Principles in Mating Building the Home The First Egg Commencement of Incubation Egg Food At Close of Incubation Feeding the Young Canaries Plucking the Young Young about to eave the Nest Preparing for the Second and Third Nests The Young when Weaned The Moult Moulting Cages Training for ShowKeywords: Egg Food Incubation Bird Room First Principles Moulting Eave Perches Canaries Commencement

Authors:Jules Janick, James N. Moore,
Publisher: Wiley
Keywords: fruit, breeding, volume, nuts, vol
Number of Pages: 278
Published: 1996-05-02
List price: $280.00
ISBN-10: 0471126691
ISBN-13: 9780471126690

This book is the third volume of a three volume reference set that will provide comprehensive information on breeding commercial horticultural crops. In a systematic way, it deals with the history and commercial importance of each fruit, the origin and early development of cultivation, regional characteristics, breeding objectives, and fruit characteristics such as color shape and disease resistance. Volume III deals with, for example, almonds, pecans/hickories, and walnuts.

Authors:Izak Bos, P. Caligari,
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: breeding, plant, series, methods, selection
Number of Pages: 347
Published: 1995-08-31
List price: $349.00
ISBN-10: 0412553309
ISBN-13: 9780412553301

This book demonstrates the scientific principles behind plant breeding. It integrates plant breeding, population genetics, quantitative genetics, probability theory and statistics to provide an objective basis for plant selection and breeding.
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