Authors:J.F. Thimus, et al,
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Keywords: pro, biot, tribute, poromechanics
Number of Pages: 666
Published: 1998-01-01
List price: $189.95
ISBN-10: 9058090035
ISBN-13: 9789058090034

This text features 105 papers dealing with the fundamentals and the applications of poromechanics from the Biot conference of 1998, held in Louvain-la-Neuve. Topics include: wave propogation; numerical modelling; identification of poromechanical parameters; and constitutive modelling.

Authors:Edited by Hoe I. Ling, Andrew Smyth, and Raimondo
Publisher: DEStech Publications, Inc.
Keywords: poromechanics, conference, biot, fourth, proceedings
Number of Pages: 1179
Published: 2009-06-10
List price: $199.50
ISBN-10: 1605950068
ISBN-13: 9781605950068

· Poromechanics of soil, living tissue, cements, clays, shale and other materials · Applications in geoengineering, bioengineering, soil mechanics, seismic waves, paving, fluid flow, drilling, CO2 sequestration and more · Techniques of testing, measurement and modeling from nano- to macroscale Written by the world’s leading porous materials experts and based on the Biot conference, named after Maurice Biot and held at Columbia University, this book contains over 170 original and not previously published papers on all phases of poromechanics in many materials from soils and minerals to
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