Author: Dieter Georgi
Publisher: Brill Academic Pub
Keywords: biblical, literature, studies, theology, society, urban, valley, interpretation, city
Number of Pages: 398
Published: 2005-12-31
List price: $201.00
ISBN-10: 9004130659
ISBN-13: 9789004130654

Is there still promise in the metropolis? Can modern cities have lasting value? Drawing on a wide range of resources including the writings of Paul, the Apocalypse, Greco-Roman literature, church history, theology, and socioeconomic theory, Dieter Georgi answers yes. Our cities can become more than human and ecological garbage dumps; and they can aspire to be communities where people live in harmony with one another and their environment. In support of this lofty goal, Georgi unmasks economic and political theories and elements of Christian theology that have led to the demise of cities and th

Author: Stephen L. Cook
Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers
Keywords: biblical, literature, studies, society, yahwism, roots, social
Number of Pages: 312
Published: 2005-01
List price: $169.00
ISBN-10: 9004130551
ISBN-13: 9789004130555

Sure to provoke discussion and debate as it offers a unique approach to some old and perplexing issues in the history of ancient Israel and its religion, Cook’s study is a bold new proposal for synthesizing the social history of Israel’s religious traditions. Among the many "Yahwisms" coexisting in ancient Israel was an initially small minority stream of theological tradition composed of geographically and socially diverse groups in northern and southern Israel. These groups shared a religious commitment to a covenantal, village-based, land-oriented Yahwism that arose before the emergence

Author: J. Cheryl Exum
Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers
Keywords: biblical, interpretation, series, bible, horizon, arts
Number of Pages: 180
Published: 1998-11-01
List price: $95.00
ISBN-10: 9004112901
ISBN-13: 9789004112902

This collection seeks to reflect the growing scholarly interest in the ways the Bible and biblical stories, themes and ideals have been represented in Western culture by means of literature and the visual arts.

Author: Ann E. Killebrew
Publisher: Society of Biblical Literature
Keywords: biblical, archaeology, studies, philistines, israel, canaanites, egyptians, peoples, ethnicity, archaeological, study
Number of Pages: 362
Published: 2005-07-30
List price: $39.95
ISBN-10: 1589830970
ISBN-13: 9781589830974

Ancient Israel did not emerge within a vacuum but rather came to exist alongside various peoples, including Canaanites, Egyptians, and Philistines. Indeed, Israel’s very proximity to these groups has made it difficult - until now - to distinguish the archaeological traces of early Israel and other contemporary groups. Through an analysis of the results from recent excavations in light of relevant historical and later biblical texts, this book proposes that it is possible to identify these peoples and trace culturally or ethnically defined boundaries in the archaeological record. Features

Author: Douglas A. Knight
Publisher: Society of Biblical Literature
Keywords: biblical, literature, society, studies, traditions, israel, rediscovering
Number of Pages: 380
Published: 2006-11-10
List price: $45.95
ISBN-10: 1589831624
ISBN-13: 9781589831629

In the latest edition of this classic work, Knight presents a thorough history and analysis of the exegetical method known in Hebrew Bible studies as tradition history or traditio-historical criticism, the capstone of the historical-critical methods. Beginning in the seventeenth - nineteenth centuries with early notions that some form of oral tradition may have preceded the writing of biblical literature, scholars from the start of the twentieth century forward became increasingly intrigued with the idea that the creative period for much of the material lay in the long and intricate process of

Author: Foley
Publisher: BRILL
Keywords: biblical, studies, linguistic, chinese, translation, greek
Number of Pages: 449
Published: 2009-09-30
List price: $216.00
ISBN-10: 9004178651
ISBN-13: 9789004178656

Author: Yaira Amit
Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers
Keywords: biblical, series, interpretation, narrative, hidden, polemics
Number of Pages: 286
Published: 1998-08-01
List price: $193.00
ISBN-10: 9004101535
ISBN-13: 9789004101531

In current usage polemics is broadly defined as the practice of rhetorical persuasion or as the rhetorical presentation of an argument in dispute. The phenomenon of polemics is found throughout the whole corpus of biblical literature. In most instances the polemics is direct, but sometimes indirect, and occasionally it appears to be deliberately covert. This book is primarily concerned with exploring the phenomenon of covert polemics. Dealing first with considerations of method, definition and characterization, the study moves on to the analysis of a number of narrative
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