Author: Arun K. Bhattacharyya
Publisher: Wiley-Interscience
Keywords: array, bfns, active, systems, synthesis, analysis, antennas, floquet, phased
Number of Pages: 520
Published: 2006-03-10
List price: $160.00
ISBN-10: 0471727571
ISBN-13: 9780471727576

A comprehensive guide to the latest in phased array antenna analysis and design--the Floquet modal based approach This comprehensive book offers an extensive presentation of a new methodology for phased array antenna analysis based on Floquet modal expansion. Engineers, researchers, and advanced graduate students involved in phased array antenna technology will find this systematic presentation an invaluable reference. Elaborating from fundamental principles, the author presents an in-depth treatment of the Floquet modal based approach. Detailed derivations of theorems and concep

Author: Mark Sulliva
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional
Keywords: processing, array, practical
Number of Pages: 256
Published: 2008-11-10
List price: $99.95
ISBN-10: 007154898X
ISBN-13: 9780071548984

A Complete Education on Array Processing-from Theory to Practice Learn all the ins and outs of creating reliable communication systems with Practical Array Processing. This comprehensive guide goes through the entire subject, from a detailed look at the theory of array processing to practical information on how to design and build systems for both commercial and military applications. Written by a recognized expert in the field, Practical Array Processing focuses on the practical issues in any project involving one or more antenna arrays. It provides key background information and hands-on tec

Author: John H. Lau
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional
Keywords: technology, array, grid, ball
Number of Pages: 635
Published: 1994-11-01
List price: $89.00
ISBN-10: 007036608X
ISBN-13: 9780070366084

no description

Author: Athanassios Manika
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company
Keywords: processing, array, geometry, differential
Number of Pages: 218
Published: 2004-05-31
List price: $51.00
ISBN-10: 186094423X
ISBN-13: 9781860944239

In view of the significance of the array manifold in array processing and array communications, the role of differential geometry as an analytical tool cannot be overemphasized. Differential geometry is mainly confined to the investigation of the geometric properties of manifolds in three-dimensional Euclidean space R3 and in real spaces of higher dimension. Extending the theoretical framework to complex spaces, this invaluable book presents a summary of those results of differential geometry which are of practical interest in the study of linear, planar and three-dimensional array geometries.

Author: Robert Virgile
Publisher: SAS Publishing
Keywords: skills, sas, test, challenges, array
Number of Pages: 192
Published: 1996-07-26
List price: $23.95
ISBN-10: 1555448062
ISBN-13: 9781555448066

Take a deep breath and prepare to be challenged. This brain-teasing book is designed for you to assess your programming savvy through short, FUN, and puzzling SAS programming problems. No hardware required! Test your knowledge of arrays; DATA step flow; DO loops; FREQ, MEANS, and SUMMARY procedures; MERGE, OUTPUT, RETAIN, SET, Sum, and WHERE statements; merging data sets; and reading raw data. The text is witty, yet the problems require concentration. The pace is yours; every few pages introduce a new problem and solution. An array of challenges is what you’ll find in the pages

Author: Prabhakar S. Naidu
Publisher: CRC Press
Keywords: processing, signal, array, sensor
Number of Pages: 472
Published: 2000-07-06
List price: $134.95
ISBN-10: 0849311950
ISBN-13: 9780849311956

Sensors arrays are used in diverse applications across a broad range of disciplines. Regardless of the application, however, the tools of sensor array signal processing remain the same. Furthermore, whether your interest is in acoustic, seismic, mechanical, or electromagnetic wavefields, they all have a common mathematical framework. Mastering this framework and those tools lays a strong foundation for more specialized study and research.Sensor Array Signal Processing helps build that foundation. It unravels the underlying principles of the subject without reference to any particular applicati

Authors:Don H. Johnson, Dan E. Dudgeon,
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Keywords: techniques, concepts, processing, signal, array
Number of Pages: 512
Published: 1993-02-11
List price: $85.00
ISBN-10: 0130485136
ISBN-13: 9780130485137

This is the first book on the market to bring together material on array signal processing in a coherent fashion, with uniform notation and convention of models. KEY TOPICS: Using extensive examples and problems, it presents not only the theories of propagating waves and conventional array processing algorithms, but also the underlying ideas of adaptive array processing and multi-array tracking algorithms. This manual will be valuable to engineers who wish to practice and advance their careers in the array signal processing field.
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