Author: Daniel Alpay
Publisher: Birkhäuser Basel
Keywords: applications, theory, advances, operator, reproducing, spaces, kernel
Number of Pages: 344
Published: 2003-12-11
List price: $149.00
ISBN-10: 376430068X
ISBN-13: 9783764300685

The notions of positive functions and of reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces play an important role in various fields of mathematics, such as stochastic processes, linear systems theory, operator theory, and the theory of analytic functions. Also they are relevant for many applications, for example to statistical learning theory and pattern recognition. The present volume contains a selection of papers which deal with different aspects of reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces. Topics considered include one complex variable theory, differential operators, the theory of self-similar systems, several

Authors:Franco Giannessi, Antonino Maugeri,
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: applications, optimization, nonconvex, variational, analysis
Number of Pages: 1184
Published: 2005-06-14
List price: $319.00
ISBN-10: 0387242090
ISBN-13: 9780387242095

This book discusses a new discipline, variational analysis, which contains the calculus of variations, differential calculus, optimization, and variational inequalities. To such classic branches of mathematics, variational analysis provides a uniform theoretical base that represents a powerful tool for the applications. The contributors are among the best experts in the field.

Authors:Jonathan L. Gross, Jay Yellen,
Publisher: Chapman and Hall/CRC
Keywords: applications, mathematics, discrete, second, graph, theory
Number of Pages: 800
Published: 2005-09-22
List price: $91.95
ISBN-10: 158488505X
ISBN-13: 9781584885054

Already an international bestseller, with the release of this greatly enhanced second edition, Graph Theory and Its Applications is now an even better choice as a textbook for a variety of courses -- a textbook that will continue to serve your students as a reference for years to come.The superior explanations, broad coverage, and abundance of illustrations and exercises that positioned this as the premier graph theory text remain, but are now augmented by a broad range of improvements. Nearly 200 pages have been added for this edition, including nine new sections and hundreds of new exer

Author: L.A. Aizenberg
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: applications, mathematics, theory, analysis, formulas, complex, carleman
Number of Pages: 320
Published: 1993-01-31
List price: $139.00
ISBN-10: 0792321219
ISBN-13: 9780792321217

This monograph is the first to give a systematic presentation of the Carleman formulas. These enable values of functions holomorphic to a domain to be recovered from their values over a part of the boundary of the domain. Various generalizations of these formulas are considered. Applications are considered to problems of analytic continuation in the theory of functions, and, in a broader context, to problems arising in theoretical and mathematical physics, and to the extrapolation and interpolation of signals having a finite Fourier spectrum. The volume also contains a review of the l

Author: Jonathan Samuel Golan
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: applications, mathematics, theory, over, affine, equations, semirings
Number of Pages: 250
Published: 2003-06-30
List price: $124.00
ISBN-10: 1402013582
ISBN-13: 9781402013584

Semiring theory stands with a foot in each of two mathematical domains. The first being abstract algebra and the other the fields of applied mathematics such as optimization theory, the theory of discrete-event dynamical systems, automata theory, and formal language theory, as well as from the allied areas of theoretical computer science and theoretical physics. Most important applications of semiring theory in these areas turn out to revolve around the problem of finding the equalizer of a pair of affine maps between two semimodules. In this volume, we chart the state of the art on solving th

Authors:C. Corduneanu, I Sandberg,
Publisher: CRC Press
Keywords: applications, theory, methods, control, stability, equations, volterra
Number of Pages: 512
Published: 2000-01-10
List price: $199.95
ISBN-10: 905699171X
ISBN-13: 9789056991715

This volume comprises selected papers presented at the Volterra Centennial Symposium and is dedicated to Volterra and the contribution of his work to the study of systems - an important concept in modern engineering. Vito Volterra began his study of integral equations at the end of the nineteenth century and this was a significant development in the theory of integral equations and nonlinear functional analysis. Volterra series are of interest and use in pure and applied mathematics and engineering.

Author: Radu Precup
Publisher: CRC Press
Keywords: applications, mathematical, analysis, type, leray, schauder, theorems
Number of Pages: 216
Published: 2002-10-24
List price: $109.95
ISBN-10: 9056992953
ISBN-13: 9789056992958

Theorems of Leray-Schauder Type and Applications presents a systematic and unified treatment of Leray-Schauder continuation theorems in nonlinear analysis. In particular fixed theory is established for many classes of maps, for example, contractive, non-expansive, accretive and compact. This book also presents concidence and multiplicty results. Many applications of current interest in the theory of nonlinear differential equations are given to complement the theory. The text is essentially self-contained so it may also be used as an introduction to topological methods in nonlinear analysis.
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