Author: Alternative Link
Publisher: Delmar Cengage Learning
Keywords: alternative, medicine, complementary, guide, legal, state
Number of Pages: 1026
Published: 2001-04-03
List price: $134.95
ISBN-10: 0766827976
ISBN-13: 9780766827974

The State Guide to CAM Specialties is an invaluable reference for all medical professionals and insurance providers involved with the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) industry. This annual guide’s state-by-state breakdowns of specific practice guidelines clearly outline what services CAM practitioners can and can not legally deliver to their patients, and assists insurance providers in determining which services to offer (or stop offering) and which practitioners to recruit to best supply those services. Easy to understand and well-organized, The State Guide to CAM Specialtie

Author: Committee on the Role of Alternative Farming Metho
Publisher: National Academies Press
Keywords: agriculture, alternative
Number of Pages: 464
Published: 1989-01-01
List price: $34.95
ISBN-10: 0309039851
ISBN-13: 9780309039857

More and more farmers are adopting a diverse range of alternative practices designed to reduce dependence on synthetic chemical pesticides, fertilizers, and antibiotics; cut costs; increase profits; and reduce the adverse environmental consequences of agricultural production. "Alternative Agriculture" describes the increased use of these new practices and other changes in agriculture since World War II, and examines the role of federal policy in encouraging this evolution, as well as factors that are causing farmers to look for profitable, environmentally safe alternatives. Eleven case studies

Author: John Marangos
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing
Keywords: alternative, contemporary, economics, voices, transition, economic, models
Number of Pages: 323
Published: 2004-05
List price: $124.95
ISBN-10: 0754636577
ISBN-13: 9780754636571

Marangos illustrates and develops an analytical framework proposing different models of transition for Central, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union economies based on a political economy approach. This makes it possible to understand the complexities of the transition process from a new and more enlightened perspective and to take account of the differing opinions of economists. This approach contrasts with the actual approach adopted at the time by the transition economies, which has been dominated by the neoclassical models, in particular, the shock therapy approach. Alternative Econo

Author: Carl Bernstein
Publisher: BiblioLife
Keywords: alternative, obligation, und, wille, der
Number of Pages: 122
Published: 2009-05-13
List price: $19.75
ISBN-10: 1110064535
ISBN-13: 9781110064533

Author: Cornel Stan
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: alternative, vdi, buch, german, energietrger, hybridsysteme, antriebe, fr, automobile, brennstoffzellen
Number of Pages: 312
Published: 2005-04-19
List price: $109.00
ISBN-10: 3540241922
ISBN-13: 9783540241928

Über die Realisierungsmöglichkeiten zukünftiger Antriebskonzepte – von Hybridsystemen Elektro-/Verbrennungsmotor über Brennstoffzellen bis zu alternativen Energieträgern wie Wasserstoff oder Alkohol – werden fundierte Kriterien der Qualität eines Antriebs entscheiden. Leistungsdichte, Drehmomentverlauf, Beschleunigungscharakteristik, spezifischer Energieverbrauch sowie Emission chemischer Stoffe und Geräusche sind dafür wichtige Merkmale zur Qualitätsbeurteilung. Die Verfügbarkeit und die Speicherfähigkeit vorgesehener Energieträger, die technische Komplexität, Kosten, Sicherh

Author: Cornel Stan
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: alternative, vdi, buch, german, energietrger, hybridsysteme, antriebe, fr, automobile, brennstoffzellen
Number of Pages: 344
Published: 2008-09-12
List price: $149.00
ISBN-10: 3540763724
ISBN-13: 9783540763727

Es sind fundierte Qualitätskriterien, die über die Realisierungsmöglichkeiten zukünftiger Antriebskonzepte entscheiden. Das Buch liefert eine Übersicht zur Analyse der Prozesse, zu Antriebsmaschinen und zu Energieträgern, die in komplexen Energie-Management-Systemen für Automobile kombinierbar sind. Die 2. Auflage wurde um aktuelle Entwicklungen in den Bereichen Antriebssysteme, neue Energieträger, Energiewandler und Energiespeicher erweitert, sämtliche Kapitel wurden auf den aktuellen Stand von Technik und Forschung gebracht.

Author: Ran Knishinsky
Publisher: Healing Arts Press
Keywords: alternative, ginkgo, htp, therapies, kava, homeopathy, john, natural, relief, depression, prozac, wort
Number of Pages: 160
Published: 1998-09-01
List price: $12.95
ISBN-10: 0892817917
ISBN-13: 9780892817917

A comprehensive guide to the use of St. John’s wort and other alternative therapies for treatment of depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. * Offers a comprehensive look at St. John’s wort--the most significant * natural remedy for depression--including its history in herbalism, * current clinical uses, safety, and side effects. * Discusses other natural alternatives such as Kava, Melatonin, and * 5-HTP as treatment options to depression. In the early 1990’s the sale of Prozac exceeded the sale of all other antidepressant drugs in both American and worl
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