The Book Book: A Complete Guide to Creating a Book on Your Computer

Author: Lily Splane
Publisher: Anaphase II Publishing
Keywords: book, computer, creating, guide, complete
Number of Pages: 140
Published: 2003-07-15
List price: $24.95
ISBN-10: 0945962142
ISBN-13: 9780945962144

Book Description:

Inside Information the Big Publishers Don’t Want You to Have! Self-publishing books abound. Graphic design books for producing flyers and brochures are everywhere. But where will you find everything you need to know about editing, typesetting, and designing an entire book on your own computer? In The Book Book: A Complete Guide to Creating a Book on Your Computer, of course! The Book Book was designed to make book planning, typesetting, layout, and prepress production accessible to and easy for anyone with computer experience. Making your book marketable entails complying with some oftentimes rigid industry standards, allowing little deviation. Your book doesn’t have to be among the volumes of poorly-designed printed matter. Your book can stand out and command respect, even awe. In The Book Book you will learn: . How to write clearly and concisely . What kinds and sizes of type are expected in books . How to use typography and design to enhance the appearance of your book and make it shout PROFESSIONAL from the very first page . How many pages your book should have . How to set up a book in signatures . What the margins should measure . What binding is ideal for your book . How to design an irresistible cover . How to scan art into your book . How to understand color separations and use color to your advantage . What kind of paper to use for your book . Plus Marketing and Distribution Tips: . How to decide on a cover price . How to register your book into international databases and the Library of Congress . How to ask for and get exactly what you want from your printing press . How to approach distributors and bookstores, and what discounts to give them . What NEVER to do in a book that turns book buyers and distributors off . How to ship books . How to collect payments


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