Popular Music On Screen: From Hollywood Musical to Music Video (Music and Society)

Author: John Mundy
Publisher: Manchester University Press
Keywords: music, video, society, musical, hollywood, screen, popular
Number of Pages: 256
Published: 1999-08-21
List price: $30.00
ISBN-10: 0719040299
ISBN-13: 9780719040290

Book Description:

Popular Music on Screen examines the relationship between popular music and the screen, from the origins of the Hollywood musical to contemporary developments in music television and video. Through detailed examination of films, television programs and popular music, together with analysis of the economic, technological and cultural determinants of their production and consumption, the book argues that popular music has been increasingly influenced by its visual economy. Though engaging with the debates that surround postmodernism, the book suggests that what most characterizes the relationship between popular music and the screen is a strong sense of continuity, expressed through institutional structures, representational strategies and the ideology of "entertainment."


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