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Author: Rudiger Paschotta
Publisher: SPIE Publications
Keywords: field, guide, spie, guides, vol, fg14, generation, laser, pulse
Number of Pages: 132
Published: 2008-10-30
List price: $37.00
ISBN-10: 0819472484
ISBN-13: 9780819472489

This Guide provides the essential information on laser pulse generation, including Q switching, gain switching, mode locking, and the amplification of ultrashort pulses to high energies. Pulse characterization is also covered, along with the physical aspects and various technical limitations. It is important to note that laser pulses span an enormously large parameter space in terms of pulse duration, pulse energy, and wavelength. This is possible only with a wide range of techniques, the most common of which are discussed in this Field Guide. This Guide is designed for industry practitioners,

Author: Rudiger Paschotta
Publisher: SPIE Publications
Keywords: field, guide, fg12, series, spie, lasers, vol
Number of Pages: 152
Published: 2008-02-01
List price: $37.00
ISBN-10: 0819469610
ISBN-13: 9780819469618

This Guide provides an overview on the essential types of lasers and their key properties as well as an introduction into the most important physical and technological aspects of lasers. Apart from describing the basic principles (such as stimulated emission and the properties of optical resonators), this Guide discusses the numerous important properties of laser crystals, the impact of thermal effects on laser performance, methods of wavelength tuning and pulse generation, and laser noise. Practitioners will also gain valuable insight from remarks on laser safety and obtain new ideas about ho

Author: R?diger Paschotta
Publisher: Wiley-VCH
Keywords: technology, physics, laser, encyclopedia
Number of Pages: 856
Published: 2008-12-15
List price: $360.00
ISBN-10: 3527408282
ISBN-13: 9783527408283

This authoritative encyclopedia helps to master the large variety of physical phenomena and technological aspects involved in laser technology and the wider field of photonics. Besides explaining in detail the physical principles and common techniques of laser operation, it also addresses such supplementary topics as ultrashort pulses, optical communications, optoelectronics, general optics, and quantum optics. References to selected scientific articles and textbooks aid readers in their further studies, and the cross-disciplinary approach makes this encyclopedia of huge benefit to a wide audi

Authors:Rudiger Kiesel, Rudiger Kiesel, Matthias Scherer, Rud
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company
Keywords: strategies, investments, alternative
Number of Pages: 416
Published: 2010-06-18
List price: $120.00
ISBN-10: 9814280100
ISBN-13: 9789814280105

This book combines academic research and practical expertise on alternative assets and trading strategies in a unique way. The asset classes that are discussed include: credit risk, cross-asset derivatives, energy, private equity, freight agreements, alternative real assets (ARA), and socially responsible investments (SRI). The coverage on trading and investment strategies are directed at portfolio insurance, especially constant proportion portfolio insurance (CPPI) and constant proportion debt obligation (CPDO) strategies, robust portfolio optimization, and hedging strategies for exotic optio

Author: Rudiger Lux
Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
Keywords: und, des, literatur, religion, alten, zur, testaments, neuen, german, studie, verweigerung, zwischen, prophet, gehorsam, eine, jona, erzahlanalytische, forschungen
Number of Pages: 240
Published: 1994
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 3525538448
ISBN-13: 9783525538449

Author: Rüdiger Seydel
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: universitext, finance, computational, tools
Number of Pages: 336
Published: 2009-04-21
List price: $69.95
ISBN-10: 3540929282
ISBN-13: 9783540929284

This book is very easy to read and one can gain a quick snapshot of computational issues arising in financial mathematics. Researchers or students of the mathematical sciences with an interest in finance will find this book a very helpful and gentle guide to the world of financial engineering. SIAM review (46, 2004). The fourth edition is thoroughly revised and extended. Major revisions concern topics like calibration, Monte Carlo Methods, American options, exotic options and Algorithms for Bermuda Options. New figures, more exercises, more background material make this guide to the world of

Author: Rudiger Laugksch
Publisher: Human Sciences Research Council
Keywords: indexed, bibliography, research, education, african, science, south
Number of Pages: 540
Published: 2003-03-01
List price: $49.95
ISBN-10: 0796920168
ISBN-13: 9780796920164

This first-ever, user-friendly indexed bibliography of South African science education research over the past 70 years is an indispensable tool. Its broad subject index of 450 keywords makes it a handy reference. Academics, students, educators, policy makers, and curriculum and materials-developers will find a wealth of material: journal articles, books, chapters in books, conference proceedings, theses and dissertations from diverse sources - even abstracts are included where available. The bibliography also lists exact citation details for specific research.
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