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Authors:Ronald B. Adler, George Rodman,
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Keywords: communication, human, understanding
Number of Pages: 544
Published: 2005-04-15
List price: $72.95
ISBN-10: 0195178335
ISBN-13: 9780195178333

Now in its ninth edition, this classic book retains the features that have made it the best-selling introductory human communication text in the field: an engaging and reader-friendly style; an inviting visual design that includes high-interest marginalia on virtually every page; up-to-date information on technology, gender, and cultural diversity; and everyday applications based on solid research and theory. Maintaining the quality of presentation and student-focused pedagogy that have characterized previous editions, Understanding Human Communication, Ninth Edition, incorporates updated exam

Authors:Ronald Crites, George Tchobanoglous,
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math
Keywords: management, systems, wastewater, decentralized, amp, small
Number of Pages: 1104
Published: 1998-04-02
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 0072890878
ISBN-13: 9780072890877

This text presents a comprehensive design of both conventional and innovative systems for the treatment and disposal or reuse of the treated effluent. Decentralized Wastewater Management focuses on smaller treatment plants, which most new engineers will deal with early in their professional careers.

Authors:Ronald A. DeVore, George G. Lorentz,
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: mathematischen, wissenschaften, der, grundlehren, approximation, constructive
Number of Pages: 449
Published: 1993-10-22
List price: $189.00
ISBN-10: 3540506276
ISBN-13: 9783540506270

The purpose of this book and its sequel is to give a connected, unified exposition of Approximation Theory for functions of one real variable. Great care has been taken to provide reliable and good proofs, and to establish a logical selection of material, with emphasis on principal results. The history of the subject is not neglected. Methods of functional analysis are used when necessary, as are complex variable methods for real problems. Practical algorithms of approximation are included. Important old results are not missing, but at least half of the material has never yet appeared in books

Authors:Ronald B. Adler, George Rodman,
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Keywords: communication, human, understanding
Number of Pages: 496
Published: 2008-02-01
List price: $84.95
ISBN-10: 0195336127
ISBN-13: 9780195336122

Now in its tenth edition, Understanding Human Communication continues to build on the widely successful approach--a sophisticated balance of theory and skills--that has captivated more than a half million students and their professors. The best-selling introductory communication book in the field, this classic text has been enriched and streamlined to reflect the latest research developments and to meet the evolving needs of students. It begins with an introduction to the basic elements of communication, providing students with a solid understanding of perception, language, listening, and nonv

Authors:George Robert Bach, Ronald M. Deutsch,
Publisher: Avon Books (Mm)
Keywords: pairing
Published: 1983-10
List price: $4.95
ISBN-10: 0380003945
ISBN-13: 9780380003945

Authors:Robin Barrow, Ronald George Woods,
Publisher: Methuen young books
Keywords: education, philosophy, introduction
Number of Pages: 224
Published: 1982-09-16
List price: $9.73
ISBN-10: 0416303404
ISBN-13: 9780416303407

Now in its third edition, this text is a classic in its field. It shows, first and foremost, the importance of the philosophy of education in educational debate and as a preliminary to any practical activity such as teaching. Barrow and Woods discuss various aspects of education and their relative importance--the concept of knowledge in planning curricula, indoctrination and rationality, self-determination, learning by discovery, and the elements of creativity and culture in schooling. This edition includes a new preface and two completely new chapters.

Authors:George E. Devaull, John A. King, Ronald J. Lantzy, Da
Publisher: Wiley-AIChE
Keywords: releases, accidental, dispersion, atmospheric, understanding
Number of Pages: 44
Published: 1995-12-15
List price: $58.50
ISBN-10: 0816906815
ISBN-13: 9780816906819

A brief introduction to a complex topic, giving a description of the processes involved in an accidental or emergency release and the resulting downwind transport and dilution of gases, vapors, and aerosols.
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