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Authors:Jonathan Wyatt, Robin Illingworth, Michael Clancy, Ia
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Keywords: oxford, handbook, pack, handbooks, care, pre, emergency, medicine, hospital
Number of Pages: 760
Published: 2008-06-20
List price: $89.50
ISBN-10: 0199535302
ISBN-13: 9780199535309

The Oxford Handbook of Pre-Hospital Care provides the reader with authoritative, evidence-based advice on the assessment and management of pre-hospital care emergencies. The Oxford Handbook format and its pocket size make its content readily accessible and it can be carried easily in jackets or other personal protective clothing. Each section defines the important clinical features of the named condition and includes boxes containing essential advice. The treatment section incorporates national and international guidelines and protocols where available and reflects current best practice. Topic

Authors:Jonathan Wyatt, Robin Illingworth, Colin Graham, Mich
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Keywords: oxford, series, handbooks, emergency, handbook, medicine
Number of Pages: 768
Published: 2006-12-14
List price: $52.50
ISBN-10: 0199206074
ISBN-13: 9780199206070

The bestselling Oxford Handbook of Emergency Medicine provides practical, accessible guidelines on a huge range of situations that present to the Emergency department. It is the essential guide for junior doctors (including candidates for examinations in Emergency Medicine), specialist nurses, paramedics, general practitioners and other allied health professionals. The text is deliberately precise and prescriptive giving up-to-date step-by-step advice on presentation, investigation, diagnosis, emergency treatment and further referral for adult and paediatric patients. Practical guidance on the

Author: J.R. Illingworth
Publisher: Spon Press
Keywords: planning, methods, construction
Number of Pages: 440
Published: 2000-04-28
List price: $75.00
ISBN-10: 041924980X
ISBN-13: 9780419249801

This new edition of John Illingworth’s popular book provides a thorough introduction to the selection of construction methods, their planning and organization on site. Thoroughly revised and updated, Construction Methods and Planning takes a practical, down-to-earth approach and features numerous examples and illustrations taken from real situations and sites. In part one, the main factors which determine the planning of construction methods - site inspections, the site itself, temporary works, design, cost concepts and selection of plant and methods - are discussed. In part two, the app

Author: Patricia Illingworth
Publisher: Routledge
Keywords: medicine, trusting
Number of Pages: 200
Published: 2005-11-22
List price: $49.95
ISBN-10: 0415364833
ISBN-13: 9780415364836

Providing a fascinating overview of healthcare spending and cost-containment mechanisms in the US, this book explores the consequences of managed care for the community with particular attention paid to doctor-patient relationships. The author studies this significant relationship from a social perspective arguing that shifting financial risk onto doctors in a profit-making system seriously damages patient trust. In addition this undermines overall social capital, which in turn has been linked to health outcomes. Including case study examples and policy implications, this insightful t

Authors:Patricia Illingworth, Wendy Parmet,
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Keywords: care, health, ethical
Number of Pages: 656
Published: 2005-07-24
List price: $88.80
ISBN-10: 0130453013
ISBN-13: 9780130453013

KEY BENEFIT: Ethical Health Care provides an interdisciplinary perspective to bioethics, relying heavily upon the teachings of economics, law, and public health. KEY TOPICS: The book explores with care and context the nature of the relationship between patients and clinicians, health care providers and the societies in which they live, and finally the relationship between the health care enterprise and the international community. MARKET: For clinicians and other health care providers.

Authors:Larry Whitler, Robin And The Giant, Robin MacBlane,
Keywords: frog, barking, gift
Number of Pages: 576
Published: 2007-03-23
List price: $35.95
ISBN-10: 141161545X
ISBN-13: 9781411615458

56 short stories for children and other deep thinkers! These stories were written by Robin And The Giant (also known as Robin MacBlane and Larry Whitler) for their children’s radio program.

Authors:Robin Derrick, Robin Muir,
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
Keywords: portraits, century, vogue, people
Number of Pages: 352
Published: 2005-10-01
List price: $29.95
ISBN-10: 0316731145
ISBN-13: 9780316731140

Drawn from the peerless archives of British VOGUE and spanning a century, People in Vogue presents 400 images of the famous and infamous, as seen through the eye of the world’s premier fashion magazine.The archives of British VOGUE define modern portraiture. Its collection remains a stylish barometer of the social and cultural changes that shaped the 20th century. Now, portrayed here are the great, the good, and the not so good. From princesses to rock stars, models to actors, society beauties to world leaders, these are the people who made an enduring mark on their age. And just as the pict
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