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Authors:Ronald B George, Richard W Light, Richard A Matth
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Keywords: medicine, chest, george, care, pulmonary, essentials, critical
Number of Pages: 704
Published: 2006-05-01
List price: $139.00
ISBN-10: 0781752736
ISBN-13: 9780781752732

Author: Richard J. Light
Publisher: Harvard University Press
Keywords: minds, speak, students, college, making
Number of Pages: 242
Published: 2004-05-30
List price: $15.95
ISBN-10: 067401359X
ISBN-13: 9780674013599

Why do some students in the United States make the most of college, while others struggle and look back on years of missed opportunities? What choices can students make, and what can teachers and university leaders do to improve more students’ experiences and help them make the most of their time and monetary investment? And how is greater diversity on campus--cultural, racial, and religious--affecting education? How can students and faculty benefit from differences and learn from the inevitable moments of misunderstanding and awkwardness? Two Harvard University Presidents invited R

Author: Richard W Light
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Keywords: pleural, diseases, light
Number of Pages: 460
Published: 2007-04-01
List price: $149.00
ISBN-10: 0781769574
ISBN-13: 9780781769570

Thoroughly updated for its Fifth Edition, Dr. Light’s classic text provides a focused, single-authored perspective on the pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, and management of pleural diseases. This edition has three new chapters on physiological effects of a pneumothorax or pleural effusion, animal models in pleural investigation, and cytokines and the pleura. Other chapters present significant updates on use of thoracoscopy in diagnosis of pleural effusions and on new diagnostic tests for mesothelioma, parapneumonic effusion, and effusions due to congestive heart failu

Authors:Richard J. Light, David B. Pillemer,
Publisher: Harvard University Press
Keywords: research, reviewing, science, summing
Number of Pages: 191
Published: 1984-01-24
List price: $26.00
ISBN-10: 0674854314
ISBN-13: 9780674854314

Authors:Richard J. Light, Judith D. Singer, John B. Willett,
Publisher: Harvard University Press
Keywords: education, higher, research, planning, design
Number of Pages: 296
Published: 1990-03-01
List price: $25.50
ISBN-10: 0674089316
ISBN-13: 9780674089310

Do students who work longer and harder learn more in college? Does joining a fraternity with a more academic flavor enhance a student’s academic performance? When are the results from an innovation that is tried on one campus applicable to other campuses? How many students and faculty members must participate in a research project before findings are valid? Do students learn best when they study alone or in small groups? These are just some more than fifty examples that Richard Light Judith Singer and John Willett explore in By Design, a lively nontechnical sourcebook for learning a

Author: S F Light
Publisher: Univ Of Ca Press
Keywords: central, invertebrates, intertidal
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 0520007506
ISBN-13: 9780520007505

Author: Ken Light
Publisher: Smithsonian Books
Keywords: documentary, photographers, lives, working, time, witness
Number of Pages: 211
Published: 2000-09-17
List price: $19.95
ISBN-10: 1560989483
ISBN-13: 9781560989486

"Everything in the world must be shown and people around the world must have an idea of what’s happening to the other people around the world. I believe this is a function of the vector that the documentary photographer must have, to show one person’s existence to another."—Sebastião Salgado Illustrated with a compelling image from each photographer, Witness in Our Time traces the recent history of social documentary photography in the words of twenty-two of the genre’s best photographers, editors, and curators, showing that the profession remains vital, innovative, an
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