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Authors:Ronald B George, Richard W Light, Richard A Matth
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Keywords: medicine, chest, george, care, pulmonary, essentials, critical
Number of Pages: 704
Published: 2006-05-01
List price: $139.00
ISBN-10: 0781752736
ISBN-13: 9780781752732

Authors:Chris Rowthorn, Ray Bartlett, Andrew Bender, Matth
Publisher: Lonely Planet
Keywords: guide, country, japan
Number of Pages: 868
Published: 2007-10-01
List price: $28.99
ISBN-10: 174104667X
ISBN-13: 9781741046670

Discover Japan Dodge flying fish at the world’s greatest sashimi market, p. 132 Find yourself spirited away to Miyazaki’s museum of anime, p. 141 Master the perfect double-clap and bow for your first shrine visit, p.56 Earn your keep in a Buddhist temple, p. 417 In This Guide: Japan resident authors, 343 days of research, 120 detailed maps, three geisha sightings You asked for it, we researched it - everything you need to know about onsen (hot springs) and skiing and more language assistance than ever Cost-saving tips even the locals don’t know

Authors:Steven Kornguth, Rebecca Steinberg, Michael D. Matth
Publisher: Ashgate
Keywords: factors, human, defence, operations, tempo, physiological, neurocognitive
Number of Pages: 284
Published: 2010-05-01
List price: $119.95
ISBN-10: 0754679233
ISBN-13: 9780754679233

"Neurocognitive and Physiological Factors During High-Tempo Operations" features world-renowned scientists conducting groundbreaking research into the basic mechanisms of stress effects on the human body and psyche, as well as introducing novel pharmaceutics and equipment that can rescue or improve maximal performance during stress. Its focus is on the military model as an exemplar for high-stress environments, the best for understanding human performance under stress, both in the short-term as well as in the long-term. The unprecedented demands on the modern soldier include constantly shiftin

Authors:Stephen S. Cohen, Peter Gordon, Jon D. Haveman, Matth
Publisher: Public Policy Institute of California
Keywords: security, cost, balancing, seaports, nation, protecting
Number of Pages: 298
Published: 2006-07-01
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 1582131201
ISBN-13: 9781582131207

Protecting the Nation s Seaports: Balancing Security and Cost examines in detail the full dimensions of the task of port security, including the effectiveness of measures undertaken so far, and the costs to the nation both of implementing adequate port security, and of failing to do so. Jon D. Haveman and Howard J. Shatz, research fellows at PPIC, teamed with an array of experts on maritime security for this broad overview of port security issues that includes projections of the effects on the national economy of a successful port attack, the private sector implications of improving port secur

Authors:Paul Heckert, Joscelyn Nittler, Michael Willis, Matth
Publisher: Kaplan Publishing
Keywords: kaplan, physics, amp
Number of Pages: 576
Published: 2009-01-06
List price: $18.00
ISBN-10: 1419552449
ISBN-13: 9781419552441

You’ve spent the year gaining advanced knowledge. Now it’s time to reap the rewards: money-saving college credit or advanced placement, and an admissions edge. Yet a top score on the AP exam requires more than knowing the material. Even if your instructor was great and you worked hard in class, you need to get comfortable with the test format itself, preparing for pitfalls and arming yourself with foolproof strategies. That’s where the Kaplan plan offers the clear advantage. With more than 70 years of proven test-prep experience, Kaplan has developed unique study guides that provide cutt

Authors:George Paxinos, Charles Watson, Pascal Carrive, Matth
Publisher: Academic Press
Keywords: second, brain, rat, atlas, chemoarchitectonic
Number of Pages: 380
Published: 2008-12-05
List price: $275.00
ISBN-10: 0123742374
ISBN-13: 9780123742377

Now in its 6th edition, the Paxinos and Watson The Rat Brain in Stereotaxic Coordinates has been the most used reference of neuroscientists for the past twentyfive years. Both the illustrations and nomenclature of the atlas have become standard tools used by almost all research neuroscientists who deal with anatomy, physiology, or function.In 1999, the same authors published volumes Chemoarchitectonic Atlas of the Rat Forebrain and Chemoarchitectonic Atlas of the Rat Brainstem. These publications have been recognized as providing an archive of chemical markers in the rat brain guiding research

Authors:Jürgen Franke, Wolfgang Karl Härdle, Christian Matth
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: universitext, introduction, markets, financial, statistics
Number of Pages: 621
Published: 2010-11-23
List price: $109.00
ISBN-10: 3642165206
ISBN-13: 9783642165207

Statistics of Financial Markets offers a vivid yet concise introduction to the growing field of statistical application in finance. The reader will learn the basic methods of evaluating option contracts, analysing financial time series, selecting portfolios and managing risks making realistic assumptions of the market behaviour. The focus is both on the fundamentals of mathematical finance and financial time series analysis and on applications to given problems of financial markets, thus making the book the ideal basis for lecturers, seminars and crash courses on the topic. For the third editi
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