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Author: Iskander A. Taimanov
Publisher: European Mathematical Society
Keywords: lectures, mathematics, series, geometry, differential, ems
Number of Pages: 219
Published: 2008-04-15
List price: $44.00
ISBN-10: 3037190507
ISBN-13: 9783037190500

Differential geometry studies geometrical objects using analytical methods. Like modern analysis itself, differential geometry originates in classical mechanics. For instance, geodesics and minimal surfaces are defined via variational principles and the curvature of a curve is easily interpreted as the acceleration with respect to the path length parameter. Modern differential geometry in its turn strongly contributed to modern physics. This book gives an introduction to the basics of differential geometry, keeping in mind the natural origin of many geometrical quantities, as well as the appli

Author: Magdy F. Iskander
Publisher: Waveland Pr Inc
Keywords: waves, fields, electromagnetic
Number of Pages: 756
Published: 2000-04-20
List price: $86.95
ISBN-10: 157766115X
ISBN-13: 9781577661153

An in-depth understanding of electromagnetics is important to all electrical engineers regardless of specialization. Iskander presents the phenomena associated with electromagnetic fields and waves without bogging down the reader with equations and mathematical relations, keeping emphasis on the interesting subject and exciting applications of electromagnetics. The text describes the properties of the static electric and magnetic fields in terms of their charge and current sources before introducing Maxwell’s equations. Additional features include a detailed description of reflection an

Authors:Abdelhak M. Zoubir, D. Robert Iskander,
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Keywords: processing, signal, techniques, bootstrap
Number of Pages: 232
Published: 2004-06-21
List price: $104.00
ISBN-10: 052183127X
ISBN-13: 9780521831277

The statistical bootstrap is one of the methods that can be used to calculate estimates of a certain number of unknown parameters of a random process or a signal observed in noise, based on a random sample. Such situations are common in signal processing and the bootstrap is especially useful when only a small sample is available or an analytical analysis is too cumbersome or even impossible. This book covers the foundations of the bootstrap, its properties, its strengths, and its limitations. The authors focus on bootstrap signal detection in Gaussian and non-Gaussian interference as well as

Authors:Magued Iskander, Vikram Kapila, Mohammad A. Karim,
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: automation, education, developments, technological
Number of Pages: 537
Published: 2010-03-04
List price: $249.00
ISBN-10: 9048136555
ISBN-13: 9789048136551

Technological Developments in Education and Automation includes set of rigorously reviewed world-class manuscripts dealing with the increasing role of technology in daily lives including education and industrial automation Technological Developments in Education and Automation contains papers presented at the International Conference on Industrial Electronics, Technology & Automation and the International Conference on Engineering Education, Instructional Technology, Assessment, and E-learning which were part of the International Joint Conferences on Computer, Information and Systems Scie
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