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Authors:H. Moellering, R. Hogan,
Publisher: Pergamon
Keywords: standards, international, national, cartographic, association, descriptions, assessing, database, transfer, characteristics, spatial, full
Number of Pages: 386
Published: 1997-07-17
List price: $194.95
ISBN-10: 0080424333
ISBN-13: 9780080424330

This book represents five and a half years of work by the ICA Commission on Standards for the Transfer of Spatial Data during the 1991- 95 ICA cycle. The effort began with the Commission working to develop a set of scientific characteristics by which every kind of spatial data transfer standard could be understood and assessed. This implies that every facet of the transfer process must be understood so that the scientific characteristics could be most efficiently specified. The members of the Commission spent hours looking at their own standard and many others, to ascertain how to specify most

Authors:David N., M.D. Gilbert, Robert C. Moellering, Geor
Publisher: Antimicrobial Therapy
Keywords: therapy, antimicrobial, guide, sanford
Number of Pages: 202
Published: 2007-04-01
List price: $12.95
ISBN-10: 1930808380
ISBN-13: 9781930808386

Oregon Health Sciences Univ., Portland. Annual pocket guide offers information on antimicrobial therapy. Presents data in chart form on antibiotic dosage, side effects, antiviral agents. and more. For pharmacists. Softcover, wire-spiral edition also available. NOTE: DOSAGE ERRORS DATED 4/11/07 ON PUBLISHERS WEBSITE WWW.SANFORDGUIDE.COM, UNDER CONTENT RELATED NOTICES.

Authors:Harold Moellering, H.J. Aalders, Aaron Crane,
Publisher: Pergamon
Keywords: crosstable, descriptions, international, cartographic, association, full, characteristics, metadata, spatial, standards, scientific, technical, world
Number of Pages: 710
Published: 2005-12-14
List price: $233.00
ISBN-10: 0080439497
ISBN-13: 9780080439495

This book represents years of work by the ICA Spatial Data Standards Commission during the 1995-2003 ICA cycles. It consists of an Introduction and six Regional Summary chapters that describe the spatial metadata activities happening in Europe, North America, Asia/Pacific, Latin America, Africa/Middle East, and the ISO community. These chapters provide the broader context and description of the milieu in which these standards operate, so that the reader can more easily understand the scientific and technical framework from whence a particular standard has emerged. The third section is a comple
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