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Author: Frances M. Ashcroft
Publisher: Academic Press
Keywords: disease, channels, ion
Number of Pages: 481
Published: 1999-10-25
List price: $131.00
ISBN-10: 0120653109
ISBN-13: 9780120653102

Ion channels are membrane proteins that act as gated pathways for the movement of ions across cell membranes. They play essential roles in the physiology of all cells. In recent years, an ever-increasing number of human and animal diseases have been found to result from defects in ion channel function. Most of these diseases arise from mutations in the genes encoding ion channel proteins, and they are now referred to as the channelopathies.Ion Channels and Disease provides an informative and up-to-date account of our present understanding of ion channels and the molecular basis of ion channel

Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Keywords: beloved, haste
Number of Pages: 96
Published: 2004-07-01
List price: $7.99
ISBN-10: 1593102909
ISBN-13: 9781593102906

For more than a quarter century, this follow-up to Come Away My Beloved has celebrated God’s unfathomable love for mankind. Now, that wonderful message is available in a beautiful new package from Barbour. Commenting on the Song of Solomon, author Frances J. Roberts writes, ""It is the call of the Bride to the Bridegroom as she cries, ’Make haste, my Beloved.’ It is indeed heartening to know that it is HE who makes the haste!"" That message of God reaching out to needy people pervades the five dozen readings of Make Haste My Beloved, and ensures a transforming reading experie

Author: Frances Mayes
Publisher: Broadway Books
Keywords: italy, home, sun, tuscan
Number of Pages: 304
Published: 1997-09-01
List price: $15.00
ISBN-10: 0767900383
ISBN-13: 9780767900386

Now in paperback, the #1 San Francisco Chronicle bestseller that is an enchanting and lyrical look at the life, the traditions, and the cuisine of Tuscany, in the spirit of Peter Mayle’s A Year in Provence.Frances Mayes entered a wondrous new world when she began restoring an abandoned villa in the spectacular Tuscan countryside. There were unexpected treasures at every turn: faded frescos beneath the whitewash in her dining room, a vineyard under wildly overgrown brambles in the garden, and, in the nearby hill towns, vibrant markets and delightful people. In Under the Tuscan Sun, she br

Author: Frances Lynn
Publisher: Eiworth Publishing
Keywords: frantic
Number of Pages: 264
Published: 2006-10-01
List price: $19.00
ISBN-10: 0955367220
ISBN-13: 9780955367229

Seventies survivor Frances Lynn ruthlessly chronicles the psychotic highs and lows of Alice, a young English girl who escapes London at the tail end of the Sixties for a sojourn in San Francisco. She quickly discovers that the psychedelic world of tie-dye and joss sticks belongs to the previous decade when she becomes involved with a glitter daubed, sprawling theatre group, leftovers from the insular Haight-Ashbury crowd. Alice gets sucked in beyond her head, but just when the crazy theatre group’s popularity overdoses, she goes over the top and is shipped back to London. By now, the ear

Author: Frances A. Yates
Publisher: Routledge
Keywords: century, sixteenth, academies, french
Number of Pages: 408
Published: 1989-02
List price: $79.95
ISBN-10: 0415002214
ISBN-13: 9780415002219

Shows how Florentine Neo-Platonism with its aim of reconciling not only philosophy and religion but religious factions and religions themselves, was transmitted to France.

Author: M. Frances Klein
Publisher: State University of New York Press
Keywords: curriculum, issues, series, inquiries, centralizing, making, decision, politics
Number of Pages: 236
Published: 1991-01
List price: $53.50
ISBN-10: 0791404870
ISBN-13: 9780791404874

Author: Frances Hill
Publisher: Da Capo Press
Keywords: reader, trials, witch, salem
Number of Pages: 448
Published: 2000-10-01
List price: $20.00
ISBN-10: 030680946X
ISBN-13: 9780306809460

A Da Capo Original: From the acclaimed author of A Delusion of Satan, a unique gathering of firsthand accounts about the background, course, and repercussions of the Salem witch trials. Salem, Massachusetts, in the year 1692: against the backdrop of a Puritan theocracy threatened by change, in a population terrified not only of eternal damnation but of the earthly dangers of Indian massacres and recurrent smallpox epidemics, a small group of girls denounces a black slave and others as worshipers of Satan. Within two years, twenty men and women are hanged or pressed to death and over a hundred
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