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Author: Frances R. Balkwill
Publisher: Carolrhoda Books
Keywords: things, cells, dna
Number of Pages: 32
Published: 1994-03
List price: $8.95
ISBN-10: 0876146388
ISBN-13: 9780876146385

Full-color illustrations and simple explanations help explore some of the wonders of modern genetics and of DNA, such as the genetic code, the double helix, and chromosomes.

Author: Frances Griffiths
Publisher: Sage Publications Ltd
Keywords: practice, care, health, methods, research
Number of Pages: 224
Published: 2009-06-03
List price: $37.95
ISBN-10: 1412935776
ISBN-13: 9781412935777

The book guides the researcher through their journey, giving detailed, step-by-step advice on planning and carrying out each stage of the research. Useful examples from health care research are included throughout to illustrate the application of the techniques and methods discussed. The book provides discussion of all the key issues and stages of research, including user involvement in research, research ethics, deciding on a research approach, and data collection and analysis methods.

Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Keywords: surrender, highroad
Number of Pages: 128
Published: 2004-07-01
List price: $7.99
ISBN-10: 1586607308
ISBN-13: 9781586607302

From the author of the million-selling Come Away My Beloved comes this inspiring collection of some 150 devotional meditations. Each brief selection, written as if God is speaking directly to the reader, offers challenge and practical insight for living the Christian life, and is followed by a Scripture reference for further study. ""It is not the desire of the author that this book displace God’s Holy Word,"" Roberts writes, ""but that it stimulate a hunger for a deeper appreciation of the Bible, the supreme revelation of all truth.""

Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Keywords: god, dialogues
Number of Pages: 96
Published: 2004-07-01
List price: $7.99
ISBN-10: 1593102925
ISBN-13: 9781593102920

Best-selling devotional author Frances J. Roberts offers this powerful collection of inspirational writings that has touched the lives of thousands. Written as if God is speaking directly to the reader, Dialogues with God addresses issues like wisdom, ambition, purity, and hope. Readers will find the same style of compelling prose, stirring verse, and powerful spiritual insights that made the author’s Come Away My Beloved a best seller with more than a million sold. Featuring the complete, classic text in a completely new typesetting, Dialogues with God is a true vehicle of worship that

Author: Frances Ann Kemble
Publisher: Echo Library
Keywords: life, later, records
Number of Pages: 568
Published: 2010-01-27
List price: $33.90
ISBN-10: 1406855065
ISBN-13: 9781406855067

A further volume of reminscences by the English-born actress covering the period 1834-1848, during which time she separated from her American husband.

Author: Frances Tenenbaum
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Keywords: taylor, color, illustrated, photographs, detailed, guides, drawings, conditions, thrive, shade, guide, gardening, trees, flowers, shrubs, difficult
Number of Pages: 512
Published: 1994-03-10
List price: $23.00
ISBN-10: 0395651654
ISBN-13: 9780395651650

This comprehensive guide addresses one of the most common problems for gardeners. Shade Gardening has over 250 color photographs of the 350 best trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, bulbs, ground covers, vines, ferns, and grasses for shaded areas. Articles cover the basics of growing plants in the shade as well as such subjects as city gardens, flowers, foliage plants, pests and diseases, and lawns.

Author: Frances F. Dunwell
Publisher: Columbia University Press
Keywords: river, america, hudson
Number of Pages: 392
Published: 2008-03-18
List price: $29.95
ISBN-10: 0231136412
ISBN-13: 9780231136419

Frances F. Dunwell presents a rich portrait of the Hudson and of the visionary people whose deep relationship with the river inspires changes in American history and culture. Lavishly illustrated with color plates of Hudson River School paintings, period engravings, and glass plate photography, The Hudson captures the spirit of the river through the eyes of its many admirers. It shows the crucial role of the Hudson in the shaping of Manhattan, the rise of the Empire State, and the trajectory of world trade and global politics, as well as the river’s influence on art and architecture, eng
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