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Authors:Dr. Norvell Northcutt, Dr. Danny McCoy,
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc
Keywords: qualitative, research, method, analysis, interactive, systems
Number of Pages: 472
Published: 2004-02-20
List price: $57.95
ISBN-10: 0761928340
ISBN-13: 9780761928348

Interactive Qualitative Analysis: A Systems Method for Qualitative Research aims to help students unscramble the mysteries of qualitative data collection, coding, and analysis by showing how to use a systematic, qualitative technique: interactive qualitative analysis. The authors synthesize ideas from grounded theory, path and factor analysis, quality management theory, Foucauldian concepts of power and knowledge, and systems theory. A dialectical revision of Guba and Lincoln’s theory of rigor is offered which, combined with systems theory, offers new insights into the meaning of reliability

Authors:Wendy Northcutt, Christopher M. Kelly,
Publisher: Plume
Keywords: design, intelligent, awards, darwin
Number of Pages: 336
Published: 2007-10-30
List price: $13.00
ISBN-10: 0452288800
ISBN-13: 9780452288805

Over 1.5 million copies sold in this New York Times bestselling humor series With over 1.5 million copies sold, the Darwin Awards series is the alpha chimp of humorous human mishaps. Despite being an international bestseller, and inspiring a movie—The Darwin Awards—these cautionary chronicles have failed to stop another generation of Darwin Award winners from steering motorcycles with their feet, heating lava lamps on stoves, using liquid soap as brake fluid, and drowning themselves in the kitchen sink. Filled with more than 100 new tales of evolution in action, plus science essays and a

Authors:Stephen Northcutt, Lenny Zeltser, Scott Winters, K
Publisher: Sam
Keywords: security, perimeter, network, inside
Number of Pages: 768
Published: 2005-03-14
List price: $49.99
ISBN-10: 0672327376
ISBN-13: 9780672327377

Security professionals and administrators now have access to one of the most valuable resources for learning best practices for network perimeter security. Inside Network Perimeter Security, Second Edition is your guide to preventing network intrusions and defending against any intrusions that do manage to slip through your perimeter. This acclaimed resource has been updated to reflect changes in the security landscape, both in terms of vulnerabilities and defensive tools. Coverage also includes intrusion prevention systems and wireless security. You will work your way through fortifying the p

Authors:Frances Prendergast, Frances L. Fulton,
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Keywords: workbook, text, terminology, medical
Number of Pages: 416
Published: 1996-12-02
List price: $75.20
ISBN-10: 0805393684
ISBN-13: 9780805393682

A brief, affordable alternative for anyone wanting a user-friendly way to learn often complex medical terminology. It is an excellent reference for anyone interested in learning more about his own medical condition and prescriptions, as well as for many industries such as law, insurance, and pharmaceuticals who require their employees to have a solid grounding in medical terminology.

Authors:Frances Berdan, Frances F. Berdan, Richard E. Blanto
Publisher: Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection
Keywords: columbian, conference, proceedings, pre, oaks, imperial, strategies, dumbarton, aztec
Number of Pages: 400
Published: 1996-01-01
List price: $60.00
ISBN-10: 0884022110
ISBN-13: 9780884022114

Authors:Frances Wolseley, Frances Wolseley Viscounte,
Publisher: Applewood Book
Keywords: america, gardening, gardens
Number of Pages: 308
Published: 2008-12-11
List price: $19.95
ISBN-10: 1429014458
ISBN-13: 9781429014458

Viscountess Wolseley’s 1919 book offers gardeners suggestions for the perfection of their gardens through careful planning of the lie of the ground and of restful lines.

Author: Frances A. Day
Publisher: Greenwood
Keywords: works, updated, expanded, lives, literature, latino, voices, latina
Number of Pages: 376
Published: 2003-05-30
List price: $65.00
ISBN-10: 0313323941
ISBN-13: 9780313323942

This revised edition of an award-winning resource celebrates the lives and works of 35 Latina and Latino authors who write for today’s young readers. Expanded to include 12 additional authors, updated information on the original 23 authors profiled, and 135 new titles, this comprehensive reference tool helps teachers, librarians, and parents stay current on one of the most dynamic areas of contemporary literature.
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