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Author: Ethan S Sanders
Publisher: ASTD
Keywords: standards, ecc, certification, courseware, learning
Number of Pages: 40
Published: 2001
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 1562863274
ISBN-13: 9781562863272

Authors:George M. Piskurich, Ethan S. Sanders,
Publisher: ASTD press
Keywords: technologies, learning, models, astd
Number of Pages: 136
Published: 1998-04-01
List price: $69.95
ISBN-10: 1562860836
ISBN-13: 9781562860837

Have you been asked to lower training costs through the use of learning technologies? If so, then you need the most recent addition to the ASTD competency study series. This book,which comes with accompanying digital materials (available via download), focuses on the skills and knowledge you need to use, select, and manage learning technologies. The study gathers data from leading experts in the field, and helps you determine which competencies, roles, and outputs are vital for the successful application of learning technologies within your organization. In addition, the study provides a class

Authors:Thomas Sanders, John T. Sanders,
Publisher: M.E. Sharpe
Keywords: history, multinational, state, writing, profession, imperial, russia, historiography
Number of Pages: 521
Published: 1999-02
List price: $114.95
ISBN-10: 1563246848
ISBN-13: 9781563246845

Authors:William B. Sanders, Bill Sanders,
Publisher: New Riders Press
Keywords: design, javascript
Number of Pages: 600
Published: 2001-12-12
List price: $44.99
ISBN-10: 0735711674
ISBN-13: 9780735711679

JavaScript Design shows designers how to create interactive JavaScript applications for the web. It provides detailed descriptions of JavaScript structures, statements and objects, using JavaScript to create different elements of a web page,controlling a page’s overall design and function with JavaScript, passing data and variables between clients and servers. Also covered are advanced topics server-side languages: PHP, Perl, ASP, CGI, XML, connections to Java and Cold Fusion. The line between developers and designers is fading. Designers are challenged with projects that require them to

Authors:Sterling A. Brown, Mark A. Sanders, Mark A. Sanders,
Publisher: Northeastern
Keywords: northeastern, library, black, literature, brown, sterling, return, selected, essays, son
Number of Pages: 288
Published: 1996-11-07
List price: $19.95
ISBN-10: 1555532756
ISBN-13: 9781555532758

This selection of the writings of the influential African American critic and poet Sterling A. Brown (1901-1989) demonstrates his critical acumen and commitment to inclusive politics. The book contains three groupings of essays, focusing in turn on African American political issues, literature, and music, and concludes with a selection of Brown’s literature and film reviews. These writings consistently point out the biases against black Americans in white cultural expression and argue for a recognition of the cultural contributions of African Americans.

Author: Ethan Halper
Publisher: Thieme
Keywords: anatomy, function, rom, dvd, cardiac, book, clinical
Number of Pages: 272
Published: 2008-01-17
List price: $149.95
ISBN-10: 1588906183
ISBN-13: 9781588906182

This textbook atlas is designed to provide the tools to confidently perform and accurately interpret CT imaging of cardiac anatomy and function. The book opens with essential information on fundamental techniques of CT angiography, normal coronary anatomy, and anatomic variations. Individual chapters address coronary artery disease, risk assessment with calcium scoring, heart valve assessment, cardiac morphology, and cardiac function. The book also covers advanced topics including CT evaluation of coronary bypass grafts and coronary stents, and CT guidance for electrophysiology and percutaneou

Author: Ethan Rasiel
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Keywords: way, mckinsey
Number of Pages: 187
Published: 1999-02-01
List price: $27.95
ISBN-10: 0070534489
ISBN-13: 9780070534483

The McKinsey Way, by former McKinsey & Company associate Ethan M. Rasiel, provides a through-the-keyhole perspective on the way this worldwide consulting institution approaches--and solves--the myriad professional problems encountered by its high-powered clientele. His goal, Rasiel writes, is simple: to communicate "new and useful skills to everyone who wants to be more useful in their business." He then does so by explaining the highly structured, fact-based proprietary methodology that McKinseyites are taught to employ with their Fortune 100 clients, complete with details on the entire proce
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