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Author: Edmond Jabes
Publisher: Wesleyan
Keywords: book, questions, vol, return, volume, yukel
Number of Pages: 404
Published: 1991-09-15
List price: $29.95
ISBN-10: 0819562475
ISBN-13: 9780819562470

A meditative narrative of Jewish Experience and man’s relation to the world.

Author: Edmond Jabes
Publisher: Wesleyan
Keywords: book, aely, last, elya, yael, questions, volume
Number of Pages: 452
Published: 1991-09-15
List price: $29.95
ISBN-10: 0819562483
ISBN-13: 9780819562487

tr Rosmarie Waldrop, second of 2-vol set

Author: Edmond Jabes
Publisher: University Of Chicago Press
Keywords: series, postmodernism, religion, margins, book
Number of Pages: 222
Published: 1993-06-15
List price: $23.00
ISBN-10: 0226388891
ISBN-13: 9780226388892

The death of Edmond Jabès in January 1991 silenced one of the most compelling voices of the postmodern, post-Holocaust era. Jabès’s importance as a thinker, philosopher, and Jewish theologian cannot be overestimated, and his enigmatic style—combining aphorism, fictional dialogue, prose meditation, poetry, and other forms—holds special appeal for postmodern sensibilities. In The Book of Margins, his most critical as well as most accessible book, Jabès is again concerned with the questions that inform all of his work: the nature of writing, of silence, of God and the Book. Jabès co

Author: Edmond Jabes
Publisher: Stanford University Press
Keywords: crossing, aesthetics, meridian, subversion, book, unsuspected, little
Number of Pages: 92
Published: 1996-07-01
List price: $19.95
ISBN-10: 0804726841
ISBN-13: 9780804726849

The late Edmond Jabes was a major voice in French poetry in the latter half of this century. An Egyptian Jew, he was haunted by the question of place and the loss of place in relation to writing. He focused on the space of the book, seeing it as the true space in which exile and the promised land meet in poetry and in question. Jabes’s unique mode of expression has been variously described: "a new and mysterious kind of literary work - as dazzling as it is difficult to define", "cascading aphorisms", "a theater of voices in a labyrinth of forms". The manner of his writing rigorously embo

Authors:Edmond Jabes,  Rosmarie Waldro,
Publisher: University Of Chicago Pre
Keywords: series, postmodernism, religion, shares, book
Number of Pages: 105
Published: 1989-10-18
List price: $28.00
ISBN-10: 0226388867
ISBN-13: 9780226388861

As we approach sharing let us ask: "What belongs to me?" Balance sheet of a life ratified by death. Whatever exists has no existence unless shared. Possessions under seal are lost possessions. At first sight, giving, offering yourself in order to receive an equivalent gift in return, would seem to be ideal sharing. But can All be divided? Can a feeling, a book, a life be shared entirely? On the other hand, if we cannot share all, what remains and will always remain outside sharing? What has never, at the heart of our possessions, been ours? And what if we can share the vital desire to share, o

Author: Jak Jabes
Publisher: Asian Development Bank
Keywords: improving, governance, poverty, alleviating, public, administration, role
Number of Pages: 706
Published: 2006-01
List price: $24.00
ISBN-10: 9715615953
ISBN-13: 9789715615952

Author: Rod Edmond
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Keywords: cultural, social, histories, cambridge, history, medical, leprosy, empire
Number of Pages: 266
Published: 2007-01-15
List price: $108.99
ISBN-10: 0521865840
ISBN-13: 9780521865845

An innovative, interdisciplinary study of why leprosy, a disease with a very low level of infection, has repeatedly provoked revulsion and fear. Rod Edmond explores, in particular, how these reactions were refashioned in the modern colonial period. Beginning as a medical history, the book broadens into an examination of how Britain and its colonies responded to the believed spread of leprosy. Across the empire this involved isolating victims of the disease in ’colonies’, often on offshore islands. Discussion of the segregation of lepers is then extended to analogous examples of thi
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