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Authors:Tony Bushell, John Smith, David Gardner, David Waugh,
Publisher: Nelson Thornes Ltd
Keywords: resource, guide, rom, teacher, interactions, geography, new, key
Number of Pages: 232
Published: 2002-05-29
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 0748760776
ISBN-13: 9780748760770

New and updated exercises and assessments have been added to accompany the new chapters in the Students’ Books. Citizenship, literacy, numeracy, ICT, sustainable development and work related learning are incorporated throughout the Guides. Alongside the guide is a free CD-ROM that contains editable schemes of work and ICT exercises. Selected illustrations from the accompanying Students’ Book are included on the CD-ROMs and can be used to make colour overheads or slides aiding class participation and discussion.

Authors:John Lancaster, David Penfold, David Stott, BCS, Sybex
Publisher: Sybex
Keywords: guide, study, icdl, ecdl
Number of Pages: 448
Published: 2005-01
List price: $29.99
ISBN-10: 0782143083
ISBN-13: 9780782143089

The International/European Computer Driving License (ICDL/ECDL) is a worldwide end-user IT skills certification program managed by the ECDL Foundation in Dublin, Ireland. Broadly accepted across academic, government, and corporate sites worldwide, ICDL/ECDL has over 2.3 million participants in more than 60 countries. This all-new Sybex Study Guide was produced in conjunction with the British Computer Society, administrators of the program in the United Kingdom. A comprehensive and affordable solution, this guide covers all seven certification modules in a single volume: 1) Fundamental Concepts

Authors:Richard David Wissolik, John Depaul, David Wilmes,
Publisher: Saint Vincent College
Keywords: history, oral, veterans, war
Number of Pages: 540
Published: 2006-10
List price: $30.00
ISBN-10: 1885851510
ISBN-13: 9781885851512

Authors:David Spitler, Jeff Lantrip, John Nee, David A Smi
Publisher: Society of Manufacturing Engineer
Keywords: fifth, design, tool, fundamentals
Number of Pages: 700
Published: 2003-05-01
List price: $90.00
ISBN-10: 087263650X
ISBN-13: 9780872636507

Since its first edition was published in 1962, Fundamentals of Tool Design has been an outstanding source of information for tool designers. From classrooms to the design shops of major corporations around the world, this proven resource has demonstrated its value. The creation of a fifth edition is proof of the continuing vitality of the book’s contents, including; tool design and materials; jigs and fixtures; workholding principles; die manipulation; inspection, gaging, and tolerances; computer hardware and software and their applications; joining processes, and pressworking tool desig

Authors:Arthur J. Keown, John H. Martin, John W. Petty, David
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Keywords: financial, management, practice, logic, finance, foundations
Number of Pages: 624
Published: 2007-06-21
List price: $160.00
ISBN-10: 0132339226
ISBN-13: 9780132339223

KEY BENEFIT: Keown allows readers to see the big picture by letting them understand the logic that drives finance rather than memorizing formulas. Very user friendly, the basic pedagogical approach to the presentation of new tools and techniques is “say it” then “illustrate it with an example” and reinforce with lots of “real world examples”. As well as including strong international coverage some key topics are: Financial Markets and Interest Rates; Understanding Financial Statements and Cash Flows; Time Value of Money; Risk and Return; Bond and Stock Valuation; Capital-Budgeting

Authors:Arthur J. Keown, John H. Martin, John W. Petty, David
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Keywords: applications, principles, management, financial
Number of Pages: 880
Published: 2004-04-01
List price: $194.00
ISBN-10: 0131450654
ISBN-13: 9780131450653

With its exciting introduction of the Harley-Davidson focus company theme, this book continues to provide a solid, enduring foundation of the tools of modern theory while at the same time developing the logic behind their use. The “10 Principles of Finance” (formerly “Axioms” ) provide the framework, or “the big picture” of finance, which ties the major concepts of the book together. A six-part organization covers the scope and environment of financial management, valuation of financial assets, investment in long-term assets, capital structure and dividend policy, working-capit

Authors:Paul S. Gray, John B. Williamson, David A. Karp, John
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Keywords: quantitative, methods, qualitative, introduction, imagination, research
Number of Pages: 478
Published: 2007-08-13
List price: $148.00
ISBN-10: 0521879728
ISBN-13: 9780521879729

The idea that science is a blueprint for research, and imagination gives research its life and purpose inspired this comprehensive explanation of research methodology. The authors’ decades of experience have revealed that research is a craft requiring judgment and creativity, not simply memorization and application of the rules of science. This book covers a wide variety of data-collection techniques, but presents them as reinforcing, rather than competing with one another, thus striking a balance between qualitative and quantitative methods and proving an essential resource for instruct
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