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Authors:Yu Jung Chang, Byran D. Black, David Chang, Dianne Ge
Publisher: American Water Works Research Foundation
Keywords: manganese, removal, arsenic, simultaneous, processes, advanced
Number of Pages: 132
Published: 2006-09-15
List price: $209.00
ISBN-10: 1583214607
ISBN-13: 9781583214602

The overall objectives of this project were to modify, demonstrate, and optimize an existing treatment process to simultaneously remove both arsenic and manganese. The EPA established a new maximum contaminant level (MCL) for arsenic at 10 µg/L in January 2002, with compliance required by February 2006. Additionally the project set to establish an efficient process design approach for implementing this process. For this study the existing oxidation/filtration process at the Southern California Water Company’s (SCWC) Centralia site was modified to include a ferric chloride feed system and a

Authors:Yung-Chang Chen, Long-Wen Chang, Chiou-Ting Hsu,
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: pcm, processing, information, multimedia, advances
Number of Pages: 1238
Published: 2003-01-31
List price: $132.00
ISBN-10: 3540002626
ISBN-13: 9783540002628

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Third IEEE Pacific Rim Conference on Multimedia, PCM 2002, held in Hsinchu, Taiwan in December 2002. The 154 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 224 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on mobile multimedia, digitial watermarking and data hiding, motion analysis, mulitmedia retrieval techniques, image processing, mulitmedia security, image coding, mulitmedia learning, audio signal processing, wireless multimedia streaming, multimedia systems in the Internet, distance education and mu

Authors:Jack Williams, Chang-yi David Chang,
Publisher: Routledge
Keywords: contemporary, asia, series, routledge, island, environmental, struggle, silicon, taiwan
Number of Pages: 224
Published: 2008-03-28
List price: $150.00
ISBN-10: 0415447232
ISBN-13: 9780415447232

Taiwan experienced a highly successful economic transformation in the last 50 years that produced one of Asia’s genuine ‘miracles’ of modern development, in terms of improvement in per capita income and overall quality of material well being for its citizens. The process, though, involved rapid industrialization and urbanization, and breakneck mass consumption, that inevitably resulted in rapid escalation in degradation of the island’s fragile air, water, and land, and produced some of the worst environmental pollution to be found anywhere in Asia This book examines the causes of Taiw

Authors:Chun-shu Chang, Shelley Hsueh-lun Chang,
Publisher: University of Michigan Press
Keywords: sung, ling, world, society, human, history, ghosts, spirits, redefining
Number of Pages: 384
Published: 1999-01-15
List price: $85.00
ISBN-10: 0472108220
ISBN-13: 9780472108220

Authors:Chan S. Chang, Nahn J. Chang,
Publisher: Praeger
Keywords: economic, foundations, political, cultural, management, system, korean
Number of Pages: 224
Published: 1994-01-30
List price: $117.95
ISBN-10: 0899308589
ISBN-13: 9780899308586

The Korean culture and the impact of the geopolitical environment of the Korean peninsula have produced a unique behavioral pattern in both managers and workers. It is necessary to understand this behavioral pattern in order to understand the Korean management system that has played a major role in contributing to the phenomenal economic achievement of the Korean business community. Top executives, managers, and entrepreneurs doing business in Korea or with Korean businessmen will be interested in this book’s discussion of the Korean management system.

Authors:Raymond Chang, Margaret Scrogin Chang, Margaret Scro
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Keywords: chinese, language, history, cultural, speaking
Number of Pages: 208
Published: 2001-12-15
List price: $14.95
ISBN-10: 0393321878
ISBN-13: 9780393321876

"This pleasant, unpretentious account [is] a small stream leading to the ocean of the culture of China."—Scientific AmericanNot a how-to text, this beguiling book is instead a fascinating look at Chinese language and culture. Ranging through history, literature, folklore, linguistics, and sociology, this is a breezy, straightforward primer of surprising breadth.

Authors:Chi Chung Ko, Chang Dong Cheng, Chi Chung Ko, Chang D
Publisher: IGI Global
Keywords: premier, reference, source, java, reality, web, based, virtual, interactive
Number of Pages: 492
Published: 2008-07-09
List price: $165.00
ISBN-10: 1599047896
ISBN-13: 9781599047898

With the emergence of the Java 3D API, the creation of high quality 3D animated graphics for Java applications and applets becomes a possibility. With numerous aspects of the business, science, medical, and educational fields implementing this technology, the need for familiarity of Java 3D amplifies. Interactive Web-Based Virtual Reality with Java 3D provides both advanced and novice programmers with comprehensive, detailed coverage of all of the important issues in Java 3D. This essential book delivers illustrations of essential keywords, syntax, and methods to provide an easy-to-read lea
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